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My name is Andrew Podbielski, a recent college graduate from Bucknell University currently freelancing in Pittsburgh, I previously worked for Bartlett Tree Experts in Beverly Massachusetts. At Bartlett, I handled the social media and some marketing for our office in the North Boston area. For this job and personal pictures, I apply my photography skills and equipment to capture my experiences and visuals in everyday life. I also took pictures for Endicott College's Athletic Department which has given me the ability to work in the sports world which I'm familiar with as a former Division 1 Athlete at Bucknell University.

Photography, Social Media, and Marketing are a very intriguing side of business for me due to its engagement with visuals, and how it can connect people visually. This is why I really enjoy taking pictures at work and presenting them to our clients and community. Photography drives me to seek different angles, and explore new places, which I plan to continue in the evolution of my career. 

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